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Auralex 12" CornerFill - Burgundy, Single Piece
Studio Foam for Those Hard to Reach Corners!CornerFills are sections of flat-cut Studiofoam corner a..
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Auralex 2" Studiofoam Wedges - 2'x2' 12-pack, Charcoal
Effective Studio Sound Treatment from Auralex!Auralex 2" Studiofoam Wedges are an effective solution..
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Auralex Designer Series Treatment 114 - Purple 1-Square-Foot Acoustic Panels - Carton of 24 (Purple)
Auralex Designer Series Panels!Introducing the Auralex Designer Series Treatments DST-114 Studiofoam..
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Auralex LENRD Half Pack - Burgundy Acoustic Bass Trap, 4-pk - Burgundy
Tame Bass Frequencies in Your Studio!The LENRD in these Auralex Acoustic panels stands for Low-end N..
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Auralex SonoFlat Grid - Burgundy 2' x 2' SonoFlat Grid Panels - Burgundy - 16-pack
Affordable and Stylish Acoustic TreatmentSonoFlat Grid Panels are not only stylish, but offer great ..
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